Akutan projects on the web

Akutan Dock Repairs: Dock

Akutan Harbor Development: Harbor

Akutan Geothermal Development Project: AEB Article 

City Services

  • Community Water and Sewer Services
  • Village Public Safety Officer Support
  • Health Clinic Facility
  • Cable Services

City of Akutan

  • Public Library
  • Daycare
  • Boardwalk Maintenance and Repair
  • Community  Solid Waste Service
  • Electric Utility and Street Lights
  • City Dock
  • Dock Skiff Moorage
  • Community Fuel Farm and Sales
  • Akun Airfield Heli Operations Support
  • Surf Bay Lodge at Akun Island
  • Boat Harbor
Contact us:  City of Akutan, 100 Windy Way, Akutan, AK  99553